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The rules of jewels

The rules of jewels

  16 November 2016

Accessorising an outfit is a big part of what makes fashion so much fun. Learn how to do it well with these tips from a local jeweller.

Jewellery is the missing link when it comes to achieving a well-put-together look. Often just one, perfectly placed piece, can turn an otherwise plain outfit into something spectacular. “But choosing jewellery, like other elements of fashion,” says jeweller Stephanie Peters, “is all about personal taste.”

More or less

It was Coco Chanel who famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This is a great piece of advice to follow when it comes to your choice of jewellery – especially the louder pieces. When accessorising, people often make the mistake of pairing a statement necklace with chunky bracelets and big earrings. This could come off looking a bit tacky so opt instead for one statement piece and then add daintier items if you still wish to include more jewellery.

While statement pieces have a place in fashion, don’t feel like you always need one. Finer jewellery, such as a thin pendant necklace or bracelet, can be elegant and striking too. However, if this trend is too subtle for you, layer up your dainty jewellery for a bigger impact. Try stacking thinner bangles or layering with three or four necklaces. This works especially well in summer when you’re showing more skin.

Expensive tastes

The sort of jewellery you choose to wear is all about personal taste, however there are certain selections that could be considered fashion suicide. Overly childish jewellery (think Hello Kitty) can look silly after a certain age, so it’s best to stay away from it if you are over 15. “Good jewellery adds elegance or edge to a look. Don’t ruin a perfectly good outfit by looking like you’ve been shopping in the kiddies section. It doesn’t say fun, it says cheap,” warns Peters.

We love costume jewellery but this too has its their limits. “If you buy a costume ring with a large cubic zirconia, everyone will immediately know it’s not a diamond. Don’t do it.” says Peters. “Keep your jewellery collection simple with a few classic pieces. Add a few fun statement pieces into the mix, and you will have something to wear on any occasion and as the mood strikes you.” Another big no-no is wearing metal that rusts, tarnishes easily or worse, turns your skin green. Avoid brass and especially nickel if you are allergic to it. Invest in sterling silver and gold jewellery when you can.

Size matters

When choosing a watch or purchasing a bracelet, it’s important to consider proportions. “If you’re petite, avoid chunkier pieces as these could be too overpowering for your tiny frame. Similarly, larger people should avoid more delicate pieces, as there is the chance that the piece will ‘disappear’ on you.

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre offers a wide selection of costume and fine jewellery stores to suit all tastes. We’ve handpicked a few pieces to add to your collection.