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Spring into style

Spring into style

  10 November 2016

It’s time to ditch the jerseys and the trenches. But what should you replace them with? Our panel of fashion experts is here to help put a gorgeous spring in your step.

A new season means new fashion and what better time of year to give your look an update? We chatted to some of South Africa’s top designers about what you can look forward to when it comes to fashion this spring, and how to rock the season like a true fashionista.

Khosi Nkosi – It’s all about prints

Khosi Nkosi is a well-loved designer whose garments are inspired by what the brand essence stands for; a strong, modern, African woman that loves and respects herself and pays attention to detail. She often fondly refers to her customers as Boss Ladies and her popular hashtag #bossladieskillingit is a Twitter and Instagram favourite!

“I think this spring, women should look at clothing that does what I’ve always believed clothing should do, make her feel inspired to be the best she can be! Spring is a season celebrating renewal and I usually use a multitude of bright colours in my designs no matter the season, but for spring, I go all out. Bright African print textures, maxi and flare patterns are an African summer must-have. What I would advise shoppers to avoid is following fads and not prioritising comfort.”

Khosi Nkosi’s designs can be found at YDE stores nationwide.
Tel: 012 368 1224.

Sara Chitambo – Maxi Madness

Sara Chitambo goes by Naturelle in the fashion world. Her clothing boutique Naturelle Fibre was established in 2013. What sets her design aesthetic apart from the flurry of emerging local designers on the scene, is the fact that her garments incorporate the quirk of pockets, strings, prints and angular necklines.

“A must-have for women this spring is a quality maxi dress, we are going to see a lot of these especially off-the-shoulder, cutouts and print,” says Sara. Another exciting spring item to look out for is tops with voluminous sleeves. There are always a lot of energetic and vibrant colours to match the mood of spring and the return of the sun. I think warm greys, buttercup yellow and classic black using sheer and nets will be a big hit. Prints are not done yet and we will see pastel florals and African prints get even more traction.”

Thula Sindi – A classic white shirt

One cannot talk fashion without mentioning Thula Sindi. His garments are defined simply as modern and sophisticated simplicity. Having a dress designed by Thula Sindi is a treat. So much so that, according to his website, Elle Magazine reported that The Williams’ sisters – Serena and Venus – were fighting over a Thula Sindi skirt during a recent trip to South Africa.

“I would definitely call for every woman to invest in a bespoke dress. There’s just something about having a designer sit down with you and make your fashion fantasy come to life in a realistic, elegant and timeless way. For spring I would tell shoppers to look for something they can wear in more than one way. For example, I am a huge fan of a white shirt. It goes with everything, great jeans, a gorgeous skirt or tailored pants. Find a shirt that is good quality that won’t dull over time. Always shop thinking of quality in mind. Do not bargain hunt because you’ll end up paying double when you realise you made a bad decision in your initial purchase.”

Amanda Laird Cherry – Dresses and white shirts

Amanda Laird Cherry has become synonymous with a brand that has stood the test of time and trends. Classic clothes and a deep love for South Africa are some of the things she is best known for, making her ideal to ask about what to wear this spring.” For the ladies I would say your go-to is a good dress, but don’t be shy of exploring silhouettes, knee length to maxi, short sleeve to strappy. For the guys I recommend a good white shirt or t-shirt with a pair of shorts, and once again don’t be shy to explore silhouettes, above the knee to three-quarter length, fitted to relaxed.”

The nautical theme is popular in spring and summer and the reason for this is that it’s fun to imagine yourself sailing the sea on a yacht. This spring is no different, this means any shade of blue and white stripes will be perfect. Add a pop of colour to the mix to customise this look to suit your personality. Also keep in mind that nothing says success better than a crisp white shirt. Wear this with a relaxed jogger for an athleisure day look or a wide leg trouser for a more sophisticated evening look.